The background music is "Dizzy Fingers" by Zez Confrey, arranged and sequenced on a Kurzweil PC-88mx by Jennifer Merry and Bruce Berr, with apologies to the composer.
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Frango definitely did not like my having to practice a certain passage from a Gershwin Prelude, and he let me know it. He does this kind of thing only in this passage only in this piece—and they are not even broken K9 chords! (they're 13ths)


We regret to inform you that we cannot post a photograph of Frango performing due to contractual restrictions from the American Guild of Canine Musical Artists.

Baron, on the other hand, loved this arrangement of "March Slav" so much that he studied its form and structure so that he could accompany Andrew in a musically meaningful way.




In memoriam to Baron . . . May 2, 2015 . . . a marvelous being . . .

See Baron and Andrew perform a classic boogie together!
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SORRY—this video will be available again shortly