Adult Lessons
General Information
Studying piano as an adult has become a common leisure activity in the United States. It can be a very satisfying pursuit, whether you are returning to the instrument after years of being away from it, or if you are just getting started as a beginner. Learning to read and play music of any style or level of advancement is a unique pleasure that utilizes the intellect, the body, the heart and the senses. After a long day of work or care of children (or both!), or pursuing post-career activities, nothing can quite compare to sitting down to a piano to make music. It is the goal in my studio to help adult students realize their potential in a supportive, helpful, and patient environment, and in a way that is commensurate with each person's individual goals and available resources of time and energy.

My teaching studio is located in my home in Glenview, two blocks from Springman Middle School. Instruction consists of private lessons which can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or on an ad hoc basis. Most people's course of study consists of playing repertoire and doing a few exercises which help develop skills needed to play the repertoire with ease and accuracy. Other skills can also be addressed, such as playing from lead sheets, sightplaying, composing, learning music theory for classical music or jazz, etc. Lessons can be either forty-five or sixty minutes in length, and are available most of the year except during August and the Christmas holidays.

Instruction takes place in a bright spacious room equipped with a Yamaha C7 grand piano, and a Kurzweil digital synthesizer connected to a Macintosh computer used for sequencing.

Practice at Home
One does not have to practice hours and hours a day to improve as an adult student. For most people, if they can fit in 30-45 minutes a day, four or five days a week, progress will be made.

Adults' lives are complex and unpredictable, and it is inevitable that there will be some periods when daily practice is just not possible. There are ways to work around that. The best way is when you do get time again to practice, to practice in several short sessions a few days in a row, rather than trying to practice long hours a few days apart to "make up" for lost time. Forgetting something and re-learning it several times can actually help in long-term skill development, so there is no need to get discouraged if you cannot practice as consistently as you would like to—you can still make progress in the long run.

Equipment Needed at Home
A piano in your home that is kept in tune and in good working order (see me if you need the name of a professional tuner/technician); or an appropriate electronic keyboard. You will benefit from the use of a battery-powered or electric metronome; see me for more details.

Lesson Logistics

On the day of your lesson, please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time so that your lesson can start on time and so that you can receive your full lesson time. Out of consideration to neighbors, please park either in my driveway or directly in front of my house. Please let yourself in the front door. If there is still another lesson in progress, proceed directly and quietly to the waiting room, which is located straight ahead past the kitchen. The waiting room has comfortable chairs and a desk; wireless internet is also available. There is a rest room directly across from the studio down a few steps and to the left.

Cancellations & Make-up Lessons
If you must miss a scheduled lesson due to illness or other unavoidable emergency, please telephone me by 8 PM the night before the lesson. If I am given such notice, I will make-up your lesson when it is missed for reasons of illness or personal emergency. No more than two make-up lessons for excused absences will be done each semester. Lessons missed by myself would also be made-up.

If heavy snowstorms or other extreme weather cause the Glenview public schools to be closed, lessons would be cancelled for that day and would be made-up.

If you ever have a lesson scheduled but unexpectedly were not able to practice much for that lesson, come to your lesson anyway—there are many ways to make constructive use of the time together.

Most make-up lessons occur during weeks specially designated for that at various times each semester, but there are sometimes other opportunities as well.

Please notice that lessons will not be made up for any other reasons except mentioned above. For example, lessons missed because of reasons such as out-of-town trips or unexpected conflicts with work or school schedules, or lessons that are cancelled at the last minute for any reason, are not eligible to be made-up.

Enrollment & Tuition
Students schedule lessons by the month, and tuition is paid in advance. At the last lesson of each month, tuition is due for the following month's lessons. Fee per lesson is:
60 minutes
45 minutes

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